Welcome To My Blog On West Michigan’s Greatness !

Welcome to my blog on West Michigan ! I will ramble on about Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area, sometimes incoherently. I am very passionate about our state and the city I’ve called home for the last 20 years. I hope to share with you what West Michigan has to offer as a vacation destination, a place to start and grow a business, and a place to move to. Whether you are single or a family, West Michigan cities and towns have a lot going for them.

I’ll do my best to blog often on different events, local news, nightlife, sporting events and whatever else I find beneficial to you the reader. I’ll likely have several postings on the many outstanding Craft Breweries we have. I love our many local beers and enjoy them maybe a little to often. But hey, they don’t call us Beer City, USA for nothing ! Distilleries are also coming on strong, which plays into my whiskey obsession.

Lake Michigan, enough said. Just come and see it, if it’s your first time to the lakeshore, be prepared for Michigan Awesome ! We had a family friend from London come visit and stay with us for a few weeks. On this first of several Lake Michigan visits with her, her reaction as she approached the beach and lighthouse in Grand Haven was priceless. She said it looks like the ocean !

Looking to move to the area ? Please do. The suburbs and small towns surrounding Grand Rapids are only 5-15 minutes, drive time away. This makes working in GR a breeze with such quick commutes from one of those fantastic little towns.

The people of West Michigan are, look you in the eye, polite and friendly type people. This does freak newcomers out a bit. I spoke to a gentleman the other day that just moved to GR from the east side of the state ( Flint ). He said he like the feel of the area and is getting use to a lot of handshakes. I’ll try to pick different towns to blog about, like one a month. I’ll highlight their pros and cons ( if any ) and maybe provide school info as well.

From sporting events to live concerts at Van Andel Arena, like the Sir Paul McCartney concert last month, to Artprize and the many other carnivals, fairs, and festivals . . . I’ll try to hit on them all.

So please, check back soon and often. I may even have a ghost story or two to tell . . . stay tuned in my friends.

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